Baking and Cooking Classes in Sheikhupura

Sheikhupura is one of the districts that is located in the province of Punjab, it has its headquarters in the city of Sheikhupura. According to the census that took place in 1998 it has population around 3321029 and it is 25.45% urbanized. It is very close to Lahore and comes in the outskirts of it. This city has many other things such as historical places, agricultural land and industrial places too. Sheikhupura is also rich in the cultural values and contains Punjabi poetry as well. Basically Sheikhupura was made in 1607 in the name of jehangir whose name was sheikhoo as well, he has his qila Sheikhupura located here as well. The original name of the city was Jahangirpura but later became Sheikhupura. As for the historians this city was very near to the Indus valley civilization and thus it is believed that it also has rich savings in the soil. The city was plundered by many invaders but the famous were Aryans who ran sack this city. With that one of the empire known as Achaemenid Empire existed in 331 BC. Later Alexander is also believed to marched this land.  Many kingdoms developed on this city such as Gupta Empire. The cooking and baking schools opened in this city are:

  • Sheikhupura cooking center
    Address: 90-A, Civil Lines, Johar Rd, Sheikhupura
    Contact: 0331 4241448
  • Hospitality cooking school for women
    Address: Service Rd, Sheikhupura
    Contact: 0333 4142589

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