Top Restaurants in Sahiwal and Their Location

Sahiwal is some 180 kilometers away from the city of Lahore, situated in between Lahore and Multan. The village was formally known as Montgomery after Sir Robert Montgomery, the then Lieutenant Governor of Punjab. Its name was later changed to Sahiwal after the Sahi clan of Rajputs who were the native inhabitants of this area.

The city is the 14th largest city of Punjab and 22nd largest in the country. It is famous for its dairy and cattle farms, and its supply to major cities in Pakistan.

Like its neighboring city Lahore, Sahiwal has a great affinity for food. Although the taste of this city is very close to general Punjabi likes, the cuisine offered ranges from desi to BBQ to continental etc. Here are a few famous joints around the city that people like to frequently visit from time to time.


High Street, Sahiwal



Famous for its varied cuisine, having something for everyone becomes a preferred thing when you want the entire family to have a vast menu to choose from. Situated on high street, it is famous for being a cozy restaurant and open till late at night.


Multan Road.

Usmania Restaurant has various branches and franchises scattered throughout the country, but is a frequently visited establishment here in Sahiwal. With desi cuisine and BBQ on their menu, the restaurant is never empty and hardly ever below the mark.


Farid Town Road

As the name indicates, it is the preferred Chinese spot to hang out at. With an all-you-can-eat buffet and a casual setting, it is frequented by the younger generation because of its subsidized rates.


Sattar Complex, Stadium Road.

Another option for desi Pakistani cuisine is Fazal e Haq dera, with village table setting and desi music and shalwar kameez clad waiters to add to the entire look of the restaurant. Food is impeccable and tasty and the restaurant is perfect for fortnightly visits to break the monotony of life.KABABISH RESTAURANT

A kid friendly restaurant, this is a favorite hang out for new parents, and small families. A nice, clean restaurant offering some of the best Pakistan cuisine the city has to offer, this is a highly recommended establishment.

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