Cooking & Baking Classes and Their Contact Numbers in Sahiwal

Sahiwal is one of the richest city of Punjab. It is located on the lower side of Punjab. It is one of the city that is my hometown and all of my ancestors belong to this city. They have a lot of places and memories in this city. It also contains my birth place where now my grandparents reside. The journey to my hometown is very long as I have to travel long distance especially if I go through bus, well I become unfortunate because bus is the only transport that I have. Other transports also include auto rickshaws. Through all past trends this city is now focused on development and has changed with time. They have managed to build nice infrastructure to show that there has been recent development that is done in Sahiwal. There are some of the colonies present there as well, some of them named are fateh shar colony, Farid town colony, tariq colony and Ziad colony. Usually the city is managed into middle class and some people ranging to upper class as well. Sahiwal also had different names and it was also called as Montgomery and the division is also famous for its rich milk production. Sahiwal also has Harrappa near it which dates back to 5000 BC and tourist all across the globe go there and visit the place for archeological purposes. Some of the cooking places in Sahiwal are:

  • Public Cooking School
    Address: Sahiwal
    Contact: (040) 4278141
  • The Cooking Academy
    Address: Bilal Masjid Chowk,Sahiwal
    Contact: 0312 7091132
  • The school for cooking by Zara
    Address: Mirza Road, Sahiwal
    Contact: 0333-4422567

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