Requirements to Register Your Car in Lahore

Vehicle registration is the main component which is required, legally, for all sort of vehicles like Motorcycle, Motor Car, and any other vehicle that is in operational condition must, have to have a registration process completed before they hit the roads. It is a law and every car is bound to be registered and this law implies in every city & province of Pakistan.

Getting a new car is very exciting process for anybody. You go around and choose your car make and model and finally color, but then come the real challenge. You have to get your car registered with the Motor Registration Authority (MRA) in your city. The car registration process seems little bit complicated if you are not fully aware of the process. Motor Registration Authority (MRA) Lahore has all the records of cars registered in Lahore; you can check the data for all the registered cars in Lahore on MRA Lahore website.

All the information and specification details of brand new factory vehicle is only limited with the manufacturer and dealer who is selling the car.  If you don’t get your car registered no one will have any record of the vehicle except manufacturer and dealer. And in Pakistan it is illegal to drive an unregistered car because its components and parts can be used in criminal activities.

Concerned Government Department

Any type of transport is subject to Motor Vehicle Tax, which is collected during registration process with the registration fee as well. Other than that, owner of the car has to pay the annual Motor Vehicle Tax. But first of all, you have to get your vehicle registered with the Excise and Taxation Department within your city. This department is in charge of administering the right of vehicle ownership and governing the road tax collection process. Depending upon your province you can check the branches near you from the excise department website and also download the required application forms for vehicle registration.

List of Documents Required For Car Registration in Lahore 

After checking with excise and taxation department, next step is to get your legal documents ready and the following list of all the documentation papers you should provide:

  1. A copy of your National Identity Card (NIC)
  2. An Application letter to the Excise and Taxation Department requesting car registration
  3. A verification of your purchase which can be in any of these forms:
  • Sales Receipt of the vehicle
  • Sale Certificate (for local vehicle purchase)
  • Bill of entry, bill of lading and registration book (in case of imported vehicle)
  • Auction Voucher (in case of auctioned vehicle)
  1. Residential proof which can be any of the following documents
  • Electricity or telephone bill
  • CNIC
  • Rent agreement
  • Registry
  • Allotment letter

Note: just in case if you are a non-resident you will be required to submit the residential confirmation of the person you reside with along with their CNIC and contact number.

Vehicle Registration Fees in Lahore

The vehicle registration fee varies from location to location, and it depends on different factors like car’s worth, its size, whether it’s local or imported, etc. The fee can be estimated either with the help of the officials at the information counters or through the Excise and Taxation department’s website (you can check the example in the picture).

As soon as you receive confirmation notifying the acceptance of your documents you can acquire the computerized form ‘F’ from the Key Punch Operator (KPO) or you can download it from Excise and taxation department website. The procedure for fee payment is simple; you can deposit it in any of the specified branches of National Bank of Pakistan or State Bank of Pakistan.

How to Register Your Car in Lahore Pakistan

Vehicle Inspection in Lahore

When you have met the expected requirements and successfully paid the fee, your vehicle shall be brought forth for a thorough physical examination by the inspector. Upon your fulfillment of all the conditions with adherence to the rules and regulations, the records will be submitted to the KPO on the assigned counter. He will give the registration voucher which would mention the date you can get your certificate of registration.

Important Things to Remember

  • The registration process must be carried out in person.
  • You will be asked to pay a late fee if car registration is delayed up to 60 days from the day of purchase.
  • If you desire special number allocation, you will be charged an additional fee which can be checked from the website.
  • Make sure you give the same address on all the documents including the affidavit, as the original documents will be returned to the mentioned address via courier or postal services.
  • The Income tax and Token tax rates will be applicable for the entire year commencing from 1st July to 30th Depending on the date of registry, the applicant will pay taxes for the remaining months.

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