Punjab University Admission Form (Online Errors)

Every year, thousands of students appear in examination for B.A/B.sc or M.A/M.sc through University of The Punjab. Each student has to fill up a registration form that has many fields to fill including father’s details. Most of them have asterisk (*) that means they are mandatory or compulsory to fill and without them, registration may not be accepted. But there are some fields on the form that are not compulsory to fill. If those fields are left empty because of lack of details then form should still be accepted.

Well, this is what we may think but in reality, no field should be empty or the form will not be accepted.

In my personal and recent experience, I have noticed that very well. Many people before me must have noticed the same thing that their forms have not been accepted because some fields were left and this result in their financial loss as money was non-refundable and not to forget the trauma a student might have to go through because of a year delay in their examination. When I appeared to the front desk to submit a form to see if it was true, I was told to fill up my father’s CNIC field otherwise the form will not be accepted. They also asked to deposit another Rupees 200 for alteration in the form or a fine for not filling up mandatory or compulsory fields. I tried to convince them that those fields are optional and even the form mentioned it but they did not accept what I had to say as to them all the fields must be filled. The following picture is a proof that Father’s CNIC is NOT mandatory field but optional and it is not optional by anyone but by University of The Punjab itself.

BA Bsc MA Msc Admission Form Punjab University

How many students have been scammed for additional 200 Rupees and how many could not appear in examination because of lack of knowledge and experience of University’s staff, we may never know but what we know is that it is time for our education departments to get their facts right and not ruin students’ lives by misleading them. Do they know what they are doing? That is the question they should ask themselves. It may also be a good news for those poor students who have not been accepted for registration for not knowing their Father’s CNIC and let us be honest there are thousands who really don’t know it and our education department’s staff should take this in consideration and STOP PLAYING WITH OUR STUDENTS FUTURE.



  1. Hello
    Mane punjab University ki improvment bheji hai laken form galt ho gya hai toh iska kya hall hai. Matlb mane 4th year ki bajye 3rd year ki bhej di hai. December k month m ab iska kya hall hai..??

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