Pindi Bhattian

Driving Learning Centers/Schools in Pindi Bhattian

Pindi bhattian is one of the cities that is located in the province of Punjab, the postal code of the city is 52180 and the dialing code in 0547. The city actually resides in Hafizabad district, on the map it is located on the north eastern side of the province of Punjab. The coordinates explains that it also shares border with Ravi and Sutlej River along with that it has borders with Lahore as well. The city is very placed with motorway and is linked to M-2 AND M-3. It is also one of the ancient towns that Pakistan has ever made. It was rules by Bhangi Sikh dynasty. It is also the hometown for Dullah Bhatti. It is well established now with various English medium schools developed with time. The medical facilitates has also increased. Pindi Bhattian is an area of travelers and people are tending to learn driving from driving schools and schools helping them are:

  • CPLC driving school
    Address: Sukheki Mandi Rd, Thatta Khero Matmal, Pindi Bhattian 52110
    Contact: (0547) 5317863
  • T driving school
    Address: Sukhe-ke Mandi Rd, Pindi Bhattian
    Contact: (0547) 531410
  • Car and Car driving school
    Address: Hassan Pura Rd, Pindi Bhattian
    Contact: (0547) 524176

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