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Cooking/Baking Classes in Pind Dadan Khan

Preceding Jhelum, Pind Dadan Khan was the District head quarter; be that as it may, slowly this sublime town lost hit past greatness because of proceeded with disregard and other common catastrophes which hit the locale every now and then. It is one of the city that has a history in which alexander the great also marched. It is the second most populated city after in jehlum. One of the small town known as Jalalpur Sharif redide in pind dadan khan and it is believed that here the horse of alexander is buried known as Bucephalus. This pind is basially named after the sufi saint known as dadan khan who belonged to the awan tribe. Here in this city the pind dadan khan alexander resides and faced against th king known as Raja pourus. During the regime of raja Ranjit Singh Pind dadan khan was the second most renowned city. The school utilizes for the most part hands-on showing styles, guaranteeing that understudies learn through understanding. The Culinary Institute of America realized another approach to better instruct culinary experts, by showing understudies the hypothesis behind their future work and furthermore expecting them to finish a 18-week paid temporary job at an endorsed eatery, expecting them to make no less than 51 percent of their item starting with no outside help. Our point is cooking schools, first critical private cooking school in America was the Boston Cooking School, which was made in 1877; be that as it may, a standout amongst the most remarkable was the formation of The Culinary Institute of America in 1946. Here are some of the cooking centers:

  • PDK cooking center
    Address: Pind Dadan Khan
    Contact: (0544) 212519
    Address: Pind Dadan Khan
    Contact: (0544) 218762

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