English Learning School/Centers in Okara

As appeared by the 1998 appraisal, the territory has a masses of 2,232,992 of which 22.84% are/were urban. The name Okara was at first Okanwala from the name of wild plant. Okara District is a region of Punjab, Pakistan. It is masterminded on Multan Road around 110km from Lahore. The Hindus and Sikhs of Okara anticipated that would leave their acquired homes and move to India amidst bundle while Muslims from East Punjab moved to this zone. Okara had a tremendous Punjabi Hindu and Sikh masses confined from the Muslim before the heap of India in August 1947. The present fundamental city was conveyed by the British Raj in six squares and every single one of the houses in pieces were outlined out in a same shape and sizes, this brilliantly made town getting sorted out is even never been seen the present life. . One can discover archeological stays of various traditions of outdated conditions, Indus human propel, Persians, Sultanates, the Mugal Empire, the Sikh Confederacy and the British Raj. The region of territory Okara is the gold tunnel for history searchers, phenomenal and inquisitive voyagers. Okara District is eminent for its prepared grounds, a serene ordinary area and green fields of potato, sugarcane, wheat, rice and maize crops. Oranges and Mangoes farms are acclaimed. The area Okara has an aggregate extent of 4,377 square kilometers and incorporates three tehsils. The Indian outskirts in like way lies on the South-Eastern side of the region. Region Okara is obliged on the East by Kasur range, Sahiwal and Pakpattan regions on the West, Sheikhupura and Faisalabad territories on the North and Bahawalnagar region on the South.

The English learning centers in Okara are:

  • The knowledge Academy
    Address: Tehsil Rd, Okara
    Contact: (044) 2525876
  • Smart English learning academy
    Address: Near Okara bypass, Okara.
    Contact: 0334 7202227

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