Cooking & Baking Learning Centers in Narowal and Their Contact Numbers

Narowal is one of the district that exists in Punjab. It is one of the city that is now the capital of the city. It came into formation in 1991. Here Shakargarh and Narowal was merged into one single district and was separated from Sialkot district and this happened before independence. Though initially the district of Shakargarh was into the region of Gurdaspur which after the Radcliff awards was given to Sialkot and came in Pakistan. Later in 1991 this was attached to Narowal district. Now it operates as a different and independent district since 1991.

The total area of the district is around 2337 square kilometers. The district is sub-divided into Shakargarh and Narowal. The area of Narowal tehsil 1065 kilometer sq with Shakargarh it covers 1272 square kilometers. The ways or sorts of cooking additionally rely upon the aptitude and kind of preparing an individual cook has. Cooking procedures and fixings fluctuate broadly over the world, from barbecuing sustenance over a start shooting to utilizing electric stoves, to heating in different sorts of broilers, reflecting special natural, monetary and social conventions and patterns. The region is limited on the northwest by Sialkot District, on the north by Kathua locale of Jammu and Kashmir, on the southeast by the challenged Pathankot tehsil of Gurdaspur area (Republic of India), on the south by Amritsar region (Republic of India) and on the southwest by Sheikhupura District in Pakistan. Cooking or cookery is the craftsmanship, innovation and art of planning sustenance for utilization with or without the utilization of warmth. Before the making of Zafarwal Tehsil in July 2009, Narowal Tehsil possessed 1,065 square kilometers while the rest of the zone (1,272 square kilometers) fell in Shakargarh Tehsil. As indicated by the 1998 evaluation of Pakistan, Narowal District’s populace was 1,256,097. The aggregate territory of the area is roughly 2,337 square kilometers.

  • Cooking Learning Academy

    Address: Sialkot Road, Narowal
    Contact: (0542) 412630


    Address: Shakarghar Rd, Narowal
    Contact: (0542) 920108


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