English Learning Schools and Centers in Muzaffargarh

Muzaffargarh was basically a town when we look in the history it was in 1794. The governor of Multan city was called as nawab Muzaffar Khan. The meaning of this city is basically the city which was fortified by Nawab muzaffar khan. This city is close to multan city. Later this was made the headquarters in 1859. If we talk about the history of this place, it was the arabs who first invaded this land, later Mahmud of ghaznavi, took the charge and crushed the Hindu supremacy here. The older name of this city was Musan Hatti. It is connected to Multan through a road now. Well Muzaffargarh actually became part of the sultanate of muslims during the Delhi sultanate. It was Muhammad Ghauri who took the charge and crushed other locals such as Rajputs and Marathas to make a control over this part of the land. This resulted in the formation of slave dynasty. It developed during the time of Mughals. Who cultivated this land and made it useful to produce revenue. Sikh living here also face issues when muslims were in power and so vice versa. Later the war between the Sikhs and British took place here and finally British won this place.

Some of the English learning schools here are:

  • Superior English Academy
    Address: Alipur-Muzaffargarh Rd, Chenab Town, Muzaffargarh, Punjab
    Contact: (066) 2476427
  • St Michael’s English Medium High School
    Address: Mianwali-Muzaffargarh Rd, Inayat Wala, Chowk Sarwar Shaheed, Chowk Munda, Punjab
    Contact: (066) 2422826
  • British International academy
    Address: Nasheman Colony Main Rd, Multan
    Contact: (061) 6512766

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