Driving Schools in Muzaffargarh and Their Contact Numbers

Muzaffargarh was fundamentally a town when we look in the history it was in 1794. The legislative leader of Multan city was called as nawab Muzaffar Khan. The importance of this city is fundamentally the city which was sustained by Nawab muzaffar khan. This city is near Multan city. Later this was made the base camp in 1859. In the event that we discuss the historical backdrop of this place, it was the Middle Easterners who initially attacked this land, later Mahmud of Ghaznavi, took the charge and squashed the Hindu matchless quality here. The more seasoned name of this city was Musan Hatti. It is associated with Multan through a street now. Well Muzaffargarh really turned out to be a piece of the sultanate of Muslims amid the Delhi sultanate. It was Muhammad Ghauri who took the charge and squashed different local people, for example, Rajputs and Marathas to make a control over this piece of the land. This brought about the development of slave line. It created amid the season of Mughals. Who developed this land and made it valuable to deliver income. Sikh living here additionally confront issues when Muslims were in power thus the other way around. Later the war between the Sikhs and British occurred here lastly British won this place. The driving learning schools in Muzaffargarh are as follows:

  • CPLC driving learning center
    Address: Multan-Muzaffargarh Rd Muzaffargarh, Punjab, 34200
    Contact: (066) 9200328
  • City driving school
    Address: Multan Rd, Muzaffargarh.
    Contact: (066) 5421632

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