Baking & Cooking Classes and Their Contact Numbers in Muzaffargarh

One of the district known as Muzaffargarh is located on the southern side of Punjab Province. Total area of the district is 8435 kilometer square. It is a Seraiki speaking region. It has riven on the eastern side and the Indus River floats on the west side. It has an overall population of 2,635,903. Total urbanized area in 12.75%. The historian also shares their information, as they say that it was made in 1794 by one of the governors who was a Pathan named as Muzaffar khan.

It is one of the most important city of Pakistan that is rich in culture as well. It has settlements known as Khokha Chowk emerged in the 16th century. This chowk later becomes very important with speeches held on this platform and this made the nearby areas to form as well. In the 17th century it becomes one of the small town that contained minimum population. This chowk also intersects with many roads and markets which carry forward to other cities that exists nearby. Throughout 1864 it became the district and Muzaffar Khan changed his headquarters from Khangarh to Muzaffargarh. The economy of the city is to contribute by making infrastructure for the country. This infrastructure contains Roads, high schools, colleges, district hospital and other industrial areas. We are introducing cooking schools in this city which are:

List of Cooking & Baking Schools in Muzaffargarh

  • Cooking and baking recipes
    Address: Multan-Muzaffargarh Rd Muzaffargarh.
    Contact: (066) 5378109
  • City cooking school
    Address: Multan Rd, Muzaffargarh.
    Contact: (066) 5423561

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