Harassment and Mob Culture in Murree

Murree janay k liay marray nahi ja rahay!
#boycott_murree ??

Murree, a valley of pompous, long, erected trees, a heaven full of conifers, a place where summer vacations are meant to be spent and a fairy land with romance in the air. A perfect safehouse for couples for a momentous and economic honeymoon site, is now at threat of her own townsmen. In the last few days, the television is roaring with a campaign called “boycott Murree” people are also hash tagging it on twitter and Facebook.

Harassment and Mob Culture in Murree.

The spark became a holocaust with a chain of events happening at Mall Road and River Kohala. It was already followed that the taxi drivers and hotel managements have a mafia which has its own way of keeping its monopoly, but the past few events are way out of the “business-decorum” in fact are a violation of humanity itself.

Harassment and Mob Culture in Murree

So, this is what happened at site 1, the people were about to park their car when the parking lot people came and ask them furiously that why haven’t they parked in their specific “adda”, the pitiful tourists, not comprehending the obtuseness of that person spoke with anger and asked him why he was speaking to him like that, It was when the person slapped the tourist and vilified them. The people got enraged and reported to a TV reporter. Alas no police action was taken upon that.

Harassment and Mob Culture in Murree!

At site 2, the people were just driving forward on the busy road when, some stoned lads came and started harassing the poor family in the car. It got really dumbfound and numbing to witness, when the lads stood up on the car’s roof jumping and dancing. The armed forces took an action and the jokers were removed, helping the family out.

At site 3, a family was asked for some extra money in the bargaining process and when the denied, the local people attacked them, their men and women, they hit them badly, there was obvious crying and a scene was created.

Harassment and Mob Culture in Murre

The point is that it was us who went all annoyed and disappointed after Pakistan was considered a terrorist country and now if we are getting an abundance of tourists back, and peace is finally prevailing, we really should not behave like this just for a few rupees. Haste does makes forget us everything, even the fact that we are human beings, the superior most species.

We request, the authorities to take an action on this and to do some standardization regarding rates so that the mob culture is evacuated once and for all. Hope all gets well!

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