Cooking & Baking Learning Classes in Muridke

Muridke city is nearby Lahore district but now lies as a tehsil in the district of sheikhupura. This city is close to lahore and many people come and work in this city or the city of lahore and return back to this city as well. The altitude is said to be 205 kilometers. Which is 675 feet. This city is also linked to great trunk road made by Sher shah suri. It has a link towards kala shah kaku and Narang mandi through this famous road. This newly created tehsil was made in 2005. People of this area is said to be very kind and hardworking and they have great taste for food as well. In order to understand good food, people need to work on making good food items. They can do that by joining cooking and baking centers available in this area. Some of the schools are:

  1. Punjab cooking institute
    Address: N5, Muridke, Ferozwala, 39000, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 321 7225500
  2. Lasani fast food
    Address: GT Rd, Muridke, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 333 7187455

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