Visiting Multan? Here Are The Top Places To Visit And Eat

If you’ve come to Multan it’s obvious that you have come for the famous Sufi Shrines and its rich history and culture.

But there are plenty of other places besides Tomb of Shahrukh ne Alam that are worth visiting. And as Multan is also famous for its food, so here’s also a guide of the authentic places to get food.

Tomb of Shahrukh-ne-Alam

Apna Multan

The central attraction for any tourist. It’s beautiful and unique every time you see it. But it is not the only tomb in the city of saints.

Shrine of Bahauddin Zakariya

Splendid Shrine of Hazrat Baha-ud-din Zakariya.jpg

Just a few blocks from the Shahrukh ne Alam shrine, stands this beauty. These places offer you their own kind of peace, serenity and take you back in time.

Also people pay visit (mostly on Thursdays) for “Mannat” , tying little threads around the gates hoping the saints will hear their wishes.


Things to do - general

Surrounding the shrines is the Qasim Bagh which has its own magnificient entrance. In Qasim Bagh lies the famous Dam Damma ( highest point in Multan ) which has recently been renovated to a museum. Hiking to the top offers a beautiful view of the entire city as shown above, includig the famous ‘Ghanta Ghar’

multan 2

In the Qasim Bagh are alot of vendors you can buy cultural things from, also gol gappay stands offering the famous ‘Qille ke Gol Gappay’.

Khooni Burj

Khuni Burj

Just around the same place is this famous red wall (hence Khooni), it has historical importance. Nowadays mostly famous for it’s extremely large-sized gol gappay, and equally delicious too!

Shrine of Shah Yusuf Gardezi

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Another cultural site lying on the ‘alang’ in inner city Bohar Gate is ‘Shah Gardez’

Also inner city is a site for old school houses and narrow alleyways similar to old city Lahore.

Blue Pottery

Multan is famous for its blue pottery and you can get it from any bazaar, especially the ones in androon shehr (Bohar Gate) or Market places in general ( Antique Shop in Sardar Bazaar Cantt ).

Original Multani Sohan Halwa

It’s impossible to come to Multan and not take back some authentic Sohan Halwa!

Mohalla Qadeerabad (both fresh Halwa and old one), back of Children Complex Hospital Multan, many shops are there. EXCLUSIVE in Multan not found anywhere else. And Hafiz Sohan Halwa

Multani Khussa

Can’t miss famous multani khussas, from historical bazaar also famous for its embroided collection, Hussain Agahi Bazaar.


If you’re looking for continental foods these are the best places :

  1. Cafe Osteria ( a bit expensive )
  2. Masooms Cafe Multan
  3. London Courtyard
  4. Zanzibar

If you’re looking for pure desi or dhaba food:

  1. Al-Kababish ( Sardar Bazaar Cantt. )
  2. Ghori Tikka House( Gulgasht Bazaar)
  3. Al-Ghazali for Biryani ( Chungi No. 6 )
  4. Shahjahan Grill
  5. Shangrilla BBQ
  6. Bundu Khan Restaurant
  7. Al-Quraish (Ghanta Ghar)
  8. Dilmeer Ki Lassi

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