Multan Garrison Library is a Reader’s Paradise

So today I visited the new Multan ‘Garrison Public Library’ and all I have to say is, Woah!
I think finally Multan is catching up with the rest of the World, well actually no, this Library is possibly the first of its kind in Pakistan.

It’s exquisite, it’s grand and it’s modern. A great step towards renewing the Library culture in our country.
I saw many people, young and middle-aged sitting by their study desks and computers, quietly going about their studies or work. Many uncles sitting by the window couches staring into the distant fields like they finally had a place to contemplate in silence.

Multan Garrison Library is a Reader's Paradis

As you enter inside the building ( it’s completely free to visit by the way ) , you have to register your self on the reception desk, just basically penning down your name and visiting hours ( the usual ). And then you are free to explore the nerds paradise.

Even my mom who is not much into this geeky stuff, was impressed, she was blown away by the architecture, the interior design and I could see a certain pride in her eyes for her city. ( thank you Shahbaz Sharif I guess )
If nothing, this seemed like an investment in something that is important, and that is Education.

Multan Garrison Library is Reader's Paradise

Yes there might be many new restaurants opening in our city of international standards or the very popular (ahem) Metro bus, but when you see something that promotes something our country is in dire need of and on this grand a scale, it makes you a little teary eyed. (small town girl problems)

Here are a few photos from my trip to give you an idea of the awesomeness I just experienced and felt like finally there was something in my city too, that other city people could be jealous about.

Here is a view from the outside, just look at this beauty in all its white glory.

Then comes this dramatic entrance, don’t worry it won’t fall.

Keep walking and the ‘ feels’ keep increasing, yes this is what readers dreams are made of, is what you’re thinking. Then comes the ground floor, which is full of everything you ever expected in an ideal library. Have a look.

All kinds of books, a great variety indeed. Places to chill out, endless rows of comfortable couches. Ah..Then comes the place by the enormous windows, to stare at the glorious green fields, a perfect place for uncles (or anyone who is 40 at heart like me). This site can be observed at every floor.

You keep moving and every corner is lined with something exciting, the underground floor comes with the kids section, it’s perfect for your little one. 3 D Structures of human eye, nose etc. And behold, a whole Solar System! ‘Qadeem Shehr’ ( ancient city ) is not so qadeem anymore!

The only drawback with this area are the dim lights. There are different set of study activities you could do, sit with a friend in a cubicle, use the computer or sit alone ( in separate glass rooms too )

Love the little bohemian touches!

Overall the real joy is in the experience itself, it sure is to stimulate your attention, the reason I was distracted enough that I couldn’t capture all of its essence. All I know is I’m getting a membership.

Lastly, this is a painting made by a fan like me.


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