Another Precious Life Lost Because Of Our Failed Education System

Muzzamil Masood, a topper from NFC institute of Science and Technology Multan, he was in his 10th semester at the department of Architecture and had remained a brilliant student throughout his five years at the university.

His friend has written an open letter concerning the education system and stress teachers put on their students :

“As we all know that Pakistan’s education system is weakest in the world, but we never discuss the reasons behind this failure of education. Muzzamil just became the most recent victim of this system and lost his precious life. In Pakistani Universities, Teacher’s brutality and personal attacks on students is a real thing whether if we had some sort of liking for opposite gender in the university or we did not go to teacher’s office for TC (we all know what it is) and we all who have been to university became a victim of this brutality at some point in our higher education.”

He further told that Muzzamil was about to graduate in June 2018 and was working on his final year project, while he was presenting the project he was graded ‘Failed’ by the teachers. Also the teachers told him to repeat another year, but that didn’t set well with Muzzamil as his family’s financial condition was not very good so he couldn’t afford another expensive year.

All of this mental pressure and stress made him jump into a river outside Multan.

Teachers should not take the teaching profession as a joke, they should enlighten themselves and guide the students instead of personal attacks on them. All of this can lead the students into depression, its high time we improved our educational systems before we have any more Muzzamils.


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