Mianwali to Lahore Bilal Travel Fares, Schedule & Contact

Bilal Daewoo Travel bus service is one of the most widely used bus services in Pakistan. You can contact Mianwali terminal of Bilal Travel at 111-287-444. Following is the list of fares & schedule of Bilal Daewoo bus service from Mianwali to Lahore:

Bus & Fare Schedule of June 05, 2020 12 am to 11:59 pm

Date & Time of Departure From Mianwali Destination Bus Ticket Price
No bus is going to Lahore today! For re-confirmation, please call Bilal Travels at 111-287-444

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  1. The Member Of Bilal traveller In Esa khail is very character less
    Having very Dirty Bahavoiur With People
    I Request The Head Of Bilal traveller to
    Take out the Character less people from it

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