English Learning Centers/Schools in Mianwali

Mianwali is one of the districts that is located on the western side of the province of Punjab, it is basically on the northern side if we look at the map. It has its biredrs will lakki marawat, and bannu in the north. While on the western side it has Kohat and Karak districts. The Derajats, known as Dera ismail khan and dera ghazi khan are some of the few cities on the North West side of this district. This city is rich in minerals and has some famous stones inclined in here, for instance the Limsetone and balckstone are few precious ones. Mianwali is also developed with good networks available throughout and along with that it also has its own airport. It also has a nuclear power plant plus the chasma barrage which was made during the treaty of Indus waters in 1960. It was back in 1901 when these cities were carved out of the KPK and then was later added towards Punjab. The common caste here is Niazis. Which are mostly Pakhtun speaking people. These people are originated from Afghanistan. The population is said to 105620. During the 1998 census almost 21% of the area was urbanized. Though people can raise their standards by learning English language. Some of the centers available are:

  • Allied school
    Address: Gulshan-e- Saifia,, PAF Road, Mianwali
    Contact: (0459) 237094
  • The Spirit English Academy
    Address: PAF Road, Mianwali
    Contact: (0459) 350313

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