Mian Channu

English Learning Centers/Schools in Mian Channu

Mian chunnu which is also known as Mian chunnu is the the capital of the Khanewal district. This district is in the province of Punjab. It was in 1918 when Mr. Banerge took a step to form this place and make it a living heaven for the people. It was properly planned with roads and living conditions enhanced with it. Various units such as medical and crop units were established just to make sure that things were handled properly and it was then the railway station was built there. It was the milestone that happened during the era of British Raj. They made Mian chunnu a place of conjunction. Later in 1938 it was declared as a town. It was the committee of this area that made it further higher into standards. During the era from 1950 to 1961 this place faced less importance and progress was declined. This place is connected towards GT road and has many objectives to become one of the leading small towns of Khanewal district. People here are trendier towards improving their standards of living. The main thing that is produced and later manufactured here is cotton which is produced as one of the finest cash crops that Pakistan have as one of the top exports. This earns huge revenue for the industrialists here. Though people living here should raise their stands and carry on with better communication edge. Some of the schools that offer this English learning are:

  • Divisional Public School
    Address: Mian Channu 58000
    Contact: 0345 1661519
  • Defense English learning academy
    Address: Main Channu-Talamba Rd, Ilm-ud-Din Colony, Mian Channu, Punjab
    Contact: (065) 2660005
  • National English Academy
    Address: Mian Channu
    Contact: 0300 6896717

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