Mandi Bahauddin

English Learning Schools/Centers in Mandi Bahauddin

Mandi bahauddin is one of the urban areas that lies in the center focal point of the Punjab territory. This city is additionally the capital of Mandi bahauddin area. This city has some tallness as it contains an elevation of 220 meters. It is additionally shut by the two renowned waterways. That is Chenab and Jhelum. The streams are around 20 kilometers far from this city. This city likewise has set up roots with Alexander the considerable when he came to attack this territory. It contains a town of friar on the other bank of Jhelum waterway. The clash of Jhelum occurred here amongst Alexander and Raja Porus. Well one of the important thing to discuss here is the learning of communication. The communication through English language. People will learn english language and can expand their busienss across Pakistan or visit some established cities in Pakistan and work for betterment. Some of the schools for English learning are:

  1. Beacon House School
    Address: Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan.
    Contact: +92 546 506543
  2. Allied school
    Address: Main St, Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 546 590876
  3. Eden house English learning school
    Address: Kachari Rd, Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 546 507446

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