Mandi Bahauddin

Driving Learning Centers in Mandi Bahauddin

Mandi bahauddin is one of the urban territories that lies in the middle point of convergence of the Punjab region. This city is moreover the capital of mandi bahauddin region. This city has some height as it contains a rise of 220 meters. It is moreover closed by the two prestigious conduits. That is Chenab and Jhelum. The streams are around 20 kilometers a long way from this city. This city similarly has set up roots with Alexander the impressive when he came to assault this region. It contains a town of monk on the other bank of Jhelum conduit. The conflict of Jhelum happened here among alexander and Raja Porus. Well one of the imperative thing to examine here is the learning of correspondence. People are tending to travel on their own for that they are learning to drive, the driving school helping is:

  • CPLC driving school
    Address: traffic police office mandi bahauddin
    Contact: 0300 7757644

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