English Learning Schools/Centers in Lodhran

Lodhran is one of the district that also comes in the region of Punjab. It has river Sutlej on the northern side. On the north side it is connected to districts such as multan, Khanewal and Vehari. While on the southern side it is covered by the district of Bahawalpur. The district is landlocked with areas on the east, west and southern side. It has the lowest rate of developing the human rate. On the historical side it was the son of Sikh Raja Raam whose name was Lodhra. His family lobed in bahawalour which later populated the areas of river bias and Sutlej river. Later multan and lodhra joined in and make a Lodhran, this was done by the East india comonay in 1849. This name then was suggested by Malik Ghulam Hussain. Though this area can move forward and it can be done by the involvement of English language. Some of the schools from where you can learn English language are:

  • The city school
    Address: N-5, Lodhran
    Contact: 0300-5587351
  • Allied School
    Address: Bahawalpur Rd, Lodhran, Punjab
    Contact: 0332-5237564

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