List of Vocational Training Institutes in Sargodha

Sargodha falls under the north zone of TEVTA and there are 16 technical institutions in this district. Following is a list of these DEA colleges with their contact details:

Code Institute Contact Information
37020 Agricultural Machinery Training School, Sargodha
Rissala No 5 Chak no 38/NB Sargodha
Established in: 1977
Ph.: 048-9239099
Email: amts.sargodha@yahoo.com
37009 Govt. College of Technology, Sargodha
PAF Road Sargodha
Established in: 1968
Ph.: 048-9230173
Fax: 048-9230173
Email: gpi_sgd68@yahoo.com
37023 Govt. Technical Training Centre (DMTC), Sillanwali
Mohallah Sultan Abad, Near Agriculture Bank, Sillanwali, District Sargodha.
Established in: 1994
Ph.: 048-6531409
Email: dmtcsw@yahoo.com
37022 Govt. Technical Training Centre (PSIC) (VTC), Shahpur, District Sargodha
Near Police Station, Sillanwali Road, Shahpur Sadar
Established in: 1976
Ph.: 048-6310280
Email: gttcshp@yahoo.com
37028 Govt. Technical Training Centre (W), Kot Momin, District Sargodha
Mohalla Shahi Masjid, Kotmomin.
Established in: 2008
Ph.: 048-6682952
Fax: 048-6682952
Email: gttcw_kmsgd@yahoo.com
37026 Govt. Technical Training Centre (W), Sahiwal, District Sargodha
Near Boys Higher Secodary School, Sahiwal
Established in: 2008
Ph.: 048-6786882
Fax: 048-678882
Email: gttcw_swsgd@yahoo.com
37027 Govt. Technical Training Centre, Kot Momin, District Sargodha
MinhaiTown Near Govt. Special Education Centre, Bhagtan Walal Road Kotmomin.
Established in: 2008
Ph.: 048-6682951
Ph.: 0300-6036734
Fax: 048-6682951
Email: gttcm_kmsgd@yahoo.com
37025 Govt. Technical Training Centre, Sahiwal, District Sargodha
Mohallah Mutafaabad Street No.3, Farooqa Road Sahiwal
Established in: 2008
Ph.: 048-6786220
Fax: 048-6786220
Email: gttcm_swsgd@yahoo.com
37010 Govt. Technical Training Institute, 47 NB, Sargodha
Chak 47. N.B, District Sargodha.
Established in: 1964
Ph.: 048-3210436
Fax: 048-3210436
Email: gtti_47nb_sgd@yahoo.com
37032 Govt. Technical Training Institute, Bhalwal, District Sargodha
Chak No.6 NB
Established in: 2010
Ph.: 048-6010028
Email: gttibhl@yahoo.com
37029 Govt. Technical Training Institute, Bhera, District Sargodha
Out side Gunj Mandi Gate, Railway Road, Bhera
Established in: 2009
Ph.: 048-6690017
Ph.: 048-6690017
Email: gtti_bhera@yahoo.com
37011 Govt. Technical Training Institute, Sillanwali Road, Sargodha
Silanwali Road, Near Hilal-e-Ahmar Hospital Sargodha
Established in: 1981
Ph.: 048-3740466
Ph.: 048-3740466
Fax: 048-3740466
Email: gt7sgd@yahoo.com
37024 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W) (RMGTC), Sargodha
38-D Block, Satellite Town, Sargodha
Established in: 1986
Ph.: 048-3252101
Email: gvtiw_stsgd@yahoo.com
37014 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Bhalwal
Zahoor Hayat Colony, Hayat Pur Road, Bhalwal
Established in: 1986
Ph.: 048-6644044
Email: gvtiw_bhl@yahoo.com
37015 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Sargodha
Block No. 13, Sargodha
Established in: 1946
Ph.: 048-3701286
Ph.: 048-3701286
Email: gvtiw_13sgd@yahoo.com
37013 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Shahpur Sadar, District Sargodha
Mohalla Chup Shah Near TMO Shahpur Sadar, District Sargodha
Established in: 1986
Ph.: 048-6310253
Ph.: 048-6310530
Email: gvtiwshahpur@yahoo.com

I hope this information about technical colleges in Sargodha would help. If i’ve missed a college or institute in the list, please share that information in the comments section below.

You can also visit TEVTA course list in Sargodha, to find out which vocational institute is providing your desired course.


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