List of Vocational Training Institutes in Rahim Yar Khan (R Y Khan)

Rahim Yar Khan (R Y Khan) falls under the south zone of TEVTA & there’re 6 technical institutions in this zone. Following is a list of these colleges with contact details:

Contact Information
Govt. College of Technology, Rahim Yar Khan
Near Coca Cola Fectory, Shahbazpur Road, R.Y.Khan
Established in: 1989
Ph.: 068-9239124
Ph.: 068-9230025
Email: gctryk@yahoo.com
Govt. Technical Training Centre, Rahim Yar Khan
Akbar Road, Air Port Chowk, R.Y.Khan
Established in: 1983
Ph.: 068-5874578
Email: ttc_ryk@yahoo.com
Govt. Technical Training Centre, Sadiqabad
Jamal Din Walla Road Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar Khan
Established in: 1986
Ph.: 068-5803831
Email: ttc_sdk@yahoo.com
Govt. Technical Training Centre, Tranda Muhammand Pinnah
UCH. Road. Tranda Muhammad Pannah, Tehsil Liaqatpur District , R.Y.Khan
Established in: 1976
Ph.: 068-5679141
Email: ttc_tmp@yahoo.com
Govt. Technical Training Institute, R.Y Khan
Factory Area, Thali Road, R.Y.Khan
Established in: 1973
Ph.: 068-9230052
Fax: 068-9230052
Email: gttiryk@yahoo.com
Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Liaqatpur
Bank Road Jinnah Abadi, Liaqatpur District R.Y.Khan
Established in: 1987
Ph.: 068-5692221
Email: gvtiw_lqpr@yahoo.com
Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), R.Y Khan
Near D.E.O. Office (Female) Eid Gah Road, Rahim Yar Khan
Established in: 1979
Ph.: 068-9230053
Email: gvtiwryk@yahoo.com
Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Sadiqabad
Model Town, Sadiqabad, District Rahim Yar Khan
Established in: 1986
Ph.: 068-5800385
Email: gvtiw_sdk@yahoo.com

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