List of Vocational Training Institutes in Nankana Sahib

Nankana Sahib falls under the central zone of TEVTA & there are 6 technical colleges in this zone. Following is a list of these institutions with contact details:

Contact Information
Govt. College of Technology, Sangla Hill, District Nankana Sahib
Shahkot Road, Sangla Hill District Nanakana Sahib
Established in: 2010
Ph.: 056-2016732
Email: gct_sanglahill@yahoo.com
Govt. Technical Training Centre (DMTC), More Khunda
Jaranwala Road More Khunda, District Nankana Sahib.
Established in: 1976
Ph.: 056-3031065
Ph.: 056-2442372
Email: gttc_mk@yahoo.com
Govt. Technical Training Centre (W), Shahkot, District Nankana Sahib
Ward No.7 Near Noori Masjid Nankana Road Shahkot.
Established in: 2008
Ph.: 056-3712532
Email: gttcf_sht@yahoo.com
Govt. Technical Training Centre, Shahkot, District Nankana Sahib
Word No.6 Iftkhar Colony Nanbana Road Shahkot.
Established in: 2008
Ph.: 056-3712732
Email: gttcm_shahkot@yahoo.com
Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Nankana Sahib
Muhala Shukhan Wala Ward No 5 Nankana Sahib
Established in: 1986
Ph.: 056-2876993
Email: gvti_nks@yahoo.com
Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Sangla Hill
Near Hussain Trust Sangla Hill Distt. Nankana Sahib
Established in: 1997
Ph.: 056-3700618
Ph.: 056-3093486
Fax: 056-3700618
Email: gvti_sanglahill@yahoo.com

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