List of Vocational Training Institutes in Khushab

Khushab falls under the north zone of TEVTA and there are 7 vocational institutes in this zone. Following is the list of these technical colleges with their contact details:

Code Institute Contact Information
37019 Govt. Technical Training Centre (ABAD), Khushab
Mohallah Fazalabad Jauharabad Road, Opp. Rest House Khushab.
Established in: 1979
Ph.: 0454-710049
Email: ttckhb@yahoo.com
37021 Govt. Technical Training Centre (PSIC), Naushera, Distt. Khushab
Eid Gah Y Cross, Naushera, Khushab. (PISC)
Established in: 1985
Ph.: 0454-610920
Fax: 0454-610920
Email: gttcnsh@yahoo.com
37033 Govt. Technical Training Institute (W), Jauharabad
Block No. 14, near Goongay Behray School, Jauharabad, District Khushab
Established in: 2013
Ph.: 0322-6040660
Ph.: 0454-722258
Email: gttiw_jhb@yahoo.com
37012 Govt. Technical Training Institute, Jauharabad
Near D.H.Q Hospital Block No.16 Jauharabad, District Khushab
Established in: 1972
Ph.: 0454-721035
Email: gttijhb@yahoo.com
37016 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Khushab
Mohallah Islam Pura Jauharbad Road Khushab.
Established in: 1983
Ph.: 0454-711438
Email: gvtiwkhb@yahoo.com
37017 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Naushera, District Khushab
Mohallah Latifal, Near Old Lari Adda, Naushera, District Khushab.
Established in: 1987
Ph.: 0454-610885
Fax: 0454-610885
Email: gvtiwnsh@yahoo.com
37018 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Noorpur Thal, Distt. Khushab
Tehsil Noor pur Thal District Khushab
Established in: 1987
Ph.: 0454-850370
Email: gvtiwnpt@yahoo.com

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