List of Vocational Training Institutes in Kasur

Kasur falls under the central zone of TEVTA and there are 11 technical colleges in this area. Following is the list of vocational institutes in Kasur District:

Code Institute Contact Information
16010 Govt. Technical Training Centre (DMTC), Kasur Ph.: 049-2761070
Email: gttc_ksr@yahoo.com
16020 Govt. Technical Training Centre (W), Kot Radha Kishen, District Kasur
Established in: 2008
Ph.: 049-2382233
Email: gttcfkrkishen@yahoo.com
16023 Govt. Technical Training Centre (W), Phool Nagar, District Kasur
Established in: 2009
Ph.: 049-4512767
Email: gttcgphoolnagar@yahoo.com
16024 Govt. Technical Training Centre, Kanganpur, District Kasur
Mohallah Kalis Kanganpur, District Kasur
Established in: 2013
Ph.: 049-4820105
Email: gttcm_kaganpur@yahoo.com
16019 Govt. Technical Training Centre, Kot Radha Kishen, District Kasur
Established in: 2008
Ph.: 049-4011785
Email: gttcmkrkishan@yahoo.com
16008 Govt. Technical Training Institute, Kasur
Raiwind Road Kasur.
Established in: 1985
Ph.: 049-9239071
Email: gtti_ksr@yahoo.com
16006 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Chunian
Hujra Road Chunian.
Established in: 1985
Ph.: 049-4311942
Fax: 049-4311942
Email: gvtiw_chn@yahoo.com
16005 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Kasur
Kot Azam Near Degree College Kasur
Established in: 1981
Ph.: 049-2772005
Fax: 049-2772005
Email: gvtiw_ksr@yahoo.com
16007 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Pattoki
Shadman Colony Lower Multan Road, Near Mobile Tower, Faisal Colony, Pattoki.
Established in: 1986
Ph.: 049-4423503
Fax: 049-4423503
Email: gvtiw_pattoki@yahoo.com
16009 Leather Service Centre, Kasur Ph.: 049-9250238
Fax: 049-9250238
Email: lsc.ksr@tevta.gop.pk
16025 Rasheeda Bibi Govt. Technical Training Centre, (W), Roshan Bheela, District Kasur
Established in: 2015
Ph.: 049-262619
Email: gttcw_rhb@yahoo.com

I hope this information about technical colleges in Kasur would help. If i’ve missed a college or institute in the list, please share that information in the comments section below.

You can also visit TEVTA course list in Kasur, to find out which vocational institute is providing your desired course.

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