List of Vocational Training Institutes in Jhelum

Jhelum falls under the North zone of TEVTA and this zone has 7 vocational colleges. Following is the list of these technical training institutes with their contact details:

Code Institute Contact Information
35012 Govt. College of Technology, Chak Daulat, Jhelum
Chak Doulat Jhelum
Established in: 1987
Ph.: 0544-238830
Fax: 0544-238831
Email: gpijhelum@yahoo.com
35014 Govt. Technical Training Institute, Jhelum
Tehsil Road, Jhelum.
Established in: 1972
Ph.: 0544-9270249
Email: gtti_jlm@yahoo.com
35013 Govt. Technical Training Institute, Sohawa
Near Police Station, G.T.Road, Sohawa, District Jhelum.
Established in: 1981
Ph.: 0544-710253
Email: gtti.sohawa@yahoo.com
35009 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Dina, District Jhelum
Near Lahore Lyceum School, Mangla Road, Dina
Established in: 1988
Ph.: 0544-636102
Ph.: 0544-635556
Email: gvtiwdina@yahoo.com
35007 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Jhelum
Civil Lines, Jhelum
Established in: 1948
Ph.: 0544-9270216
Ph.: 0544-276371
Email: gvtiwjm@yahoo.com
35008 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Pind Dadan Khan
Near Shafi Hospital, Railway Road, Pind Dadan Khan, District, Jhelum.
Established in: 1987
Ph.: 0544-212591
Ph.: 0544-212691
Email: gvtiwpdkhan@yahoo.com
35018 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Sohawa, District Jhelum
Near Shell Petrol Pump, Sohawa, District Jhelum.
Established in: 1981
Ph.: 0544-710581
Email: gttcwsohawa@yahoo.com

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