List of Vocational Training Institutes in Jhang

Jhang falls under north zone of TEVTA & there’re 9 technical colleges in this zone. Following is the list of these vocational colleges with contact details:

Code Institute Contact Information
32028 Govt. College of Technology, Jhang

Established in: 2015

Ph.: 0333-6723141
Email: gct.jhang@yahoo.com
32018 Govt. Technical Training Centre (DMTC), Garh More, Jhang
Garh Mahraja Road, Garh More, Jhang
Established in: 1976
Ph.: 047-5320634
Ph.: 047-320822
Email: gttcgarhmore@gmail.com
32026 Govt. Technical Training Centre (W), Ahmadpur Sial, District Jhang

Established in: 2008

Ph.: 047-5340029
Fax: 047-5340029
Email: gttcwaps@yahoo.com
32025 Govt. Technical Training Centre, Ahmadpur Sial, District Jhang

Established in: 2008

Ph.: 047-5340028
Fax: 047-5340028
Email: gttcm_aps@yahoo.com
32016 Govt. Technical Training Institute, Jhang
Satellite Town, Jhang
Established in: 1971
Ph.: 047-9200310
Fax: 047-7630424
Email: gttijhang@yahoo.com
32029 Govt. Technical Training Institute, Shorkot

Established in: 2012

Ph.: 047-531001
Email: gttishorkot@gmail.com
32013 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Jhang
Satellite Town, Jhang
Established in: 1979
Ph.: 047-9200269
Fax: 047-7626457
Email: gvtiw_jng@yahoo.com
32012 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Shorkot
Shahid Shaheed Road, Shorkot
Established in: 1987
Ph.: 047-5310163
Fax: 047-5310163
Email: principalgvtiwskt@yahoo.com
32017 Govt. Wool Spinning & Weaving Cum-Training Centre, Jhang
Near Tanga Adda, Jhang City
Established in: 1948
Ph.: 047-9200042
Ph.: 047-9200468
Fax: 047-7613898
Email: gwswdtc.jng@tevta.gop.pk

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