List of Vocational Training Institutes in Gujrat

Gujrat falls under the central zone of TEVTA & there are 11 technical training institutes in this zone. Following is the list of these vocational colleges with their contact details:

Code Institute Contact Information
15002 Govt. Swedish Pakistani College of Technology, Gujrat
Service More Rehman Shaheed Road, Gujrat
Established in: 1964
Ph.: 053-3524819
Ph.: 053-9260308
Fax: 053-9260308
Email: spitgrtpk@hotmail.com
15011 Govt. Technical Training Centre (ABAD), Jalalpur Jattan
Khokha Stop Haji-Walachock Jalalpur Jattan, District Gujrat.
Established in: 1981
Ph.: 053-3550333
Email: gttcjpj_tevta@yahoo.com
15016 Govt. Technical Training Centre (ABAD), Kharian
G.T. Road, Kharian, District Gujrat
Established in: 1979
Ph.: 053-7602017
Email: gttcm_khn@yahoo.com
15013 Govt. Technical Training Centre (ABAD), Sarai Alamgir
Sara-l-Alamgir, District Gujrat
Established in: 1986
Ph.: 0544-284320
Ph.: 0345-5660198
Email: gttcsgr.tevta@yahoo.com
15026 Govt. Technical Training Centre, Dinga
Yousaf Surgical Hospital, Dhalyan Chowk, Dinga, Tehsil Kharian, District Gujrat
Established in: 2012
Ph.: 053-7402675
Email: gttc_dinga@yahoo.com
15008 Govt. Technical Training Institute, Gujrat
Service More Gujrat
Established in: 1972
Ph.: 053-9260120
Ph.: 053-3525897
Email: gtti_grt@yahoo.com
15012 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W) (ABAD), Manglia, Tehsil Kharian
Village 8 P/O Manglia, Tehsil Kharian
Established in: 1981
Ph.: 053-7566664
Email: gvtiwmanglia@yahoo.com
15006 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Gujrat
Jalal Pur Jattan Road, Gujrat
Established in: 1950
Ph.: 053-3608664
Ph.: 053-3038727
Email: gvti_grt@yahoo.com
15007 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Kharian
Kharian Near Assistant Commissioner Court Amin Dar Wali Street Kharian
Established in: 1987
Ph.: 053-7603787
Ph.: 053-7611943
Email: gvtiw_krn@yahoo.com
15009 Institute of Ceramics, Gujrat
S.I.E. G.T. Road. Gujrat
Established in: 1965
Ph.: 053-3520883
Fax: 053-3520883
Email: instituteofceramics@yahoo.com
15010 Wood Working Service Centre, Gujrat
Small Industries Estate, G.T.Road Gujrat.
Established in: 1982
Ph.: 053-3520250
Ph.: 053-3517589
Fax: 053-3517589
Email: wsc_gujrat@hotmail.com

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