List of Vocational Training Institutes in Bhakkar

Bhakkar falls under the north zone of TEVTA & there’re 9 technical training colleges in this area. Following is the list of these institutes with contact details:

Code Institute Contact Information
34027 Govt. College of Technology, Bhakkar
Near Sports Complex Behind DHQ Hospital Bhakkar
Established in: 2010
Ph.: 0453-9200340
Ph.: 0453-9200340
Fax: 0453-9200340
Email: gpibhakkar@yahoo.com
34017 Govt. Technical Training Centre (ABAD), Bhakkar
Near Telephone Exchange Mill Road Mandi Town Bhakkar
Established in: 1981
Ph.: 0453-9200126
Email: ttcbkr@yahoo.com
34018 Govt. Technical Training Centre (ABAD), Kallur Kot, Bhakkar
Near National Bank Housing Colony, Kallur Kot, District Bhakkar
Established in: 1987
Ph.: 0453-200204
Email: ttc_kallur_kot@yahoo.com
34025 Govt. Technical Training Centre, Darya Khan, District Bhakkar

Established in: 2009

Ph.: 0453-253328
Fax: 0453-253328
Email: gttcdyk@yahoo.com
34024 Govt. Technical Training Centre, Jandanwala, District Bhakkar

Established in: 2009

Ph.: 0453-440323
Fax: 0453-440323
Email: gttcjandanwala@yahoo.com
34004 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W) (ABAD), Darya Khan, Bhakkar
Mohalla Bhona Walla, Darya Khan, District Bhakkar.
Established in: 1987
Ph.: 0453-253320
Email: wmvtc_dk@yahoo.com
34007 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Bhakkar

Established in: 1983

Ph.: 0453-9200220
Ph.: 0453-512220
Email: gvtiw_bkr@yahoo.com
34008 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Kallurkot
Kallurkot Housing Colony Kallur Kot
Established in: 1987
Ph.: 0453-200221
Email: gviwkallurkot@yahoo.com
34009 Govt. Vocational Training Institute (W), Mankera
Moh. Sheikhan wala, Mankera, District Bhakkar.
Established in: 1988
Ph.: 0453-410467
Ph.: 0453-410354
Email: gvtiw_mnk@yahoo.com

If you think we’ve missed a college in the above list, please share in the comments section.

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