List of Elective Subjects For BA Punjab University

Please note that you need to select 2 subjects from this list that’ll carry 200 marks each & the selected subjected should not have been opted as an optional subject. Below is the list of Punjab University elective subjects for BA examinations.

Also, no candidate shall take up Space Science except with A Course of Mathematics or Geography and that no candidate shall take up B Course of Mathematics unless he has taken up A Course of Mathematics. All those candidates who have passed B.A. with General Mathematics need only to qualify B -Course of Mathematics (Paper I & II) as an additional subject for eligibility of admission to M.Sc. Mathematics or for appearing in M.Sc. Mathematics Examination as an external/private candidates. Also that “Mathematics General” cannot be offered with Mathematics – A Course or Mathematics – B Course.

List of Elective Subjects For BA

  1. Arabic (Language)
  2. Applied Psychology
  3. Bengali
  4. Computer Studies
  5. Economics
  6. Education
  7. English Literature
  8. Essentials of Home Economics
  9. Fine Arts
  10. French
  11. Geography
  12. Geology
  13. German
  14. History
  15. Hindi
  16. Health & Physical Education
  17. Islamic Studies
  18. Italian
  19. International Relations
  20. Journalism
  21. Kashmiryat
  22. Library & Information Science
  23. Mathematics A Course
  24. Mathematics B Course
  25. Mathematics General
  26. Music (Western and Eastern)
  27. Persian
  28. Philosophy
  29. Political Science
  30. Punjabi
  31. Russian
  32. Social Work
  33. Sociology
  34. Spanish
  35. Statistics
  36. Turkish
  37. Urdu
  38. Women‟s Studies


  1. Hi there. Can you kindly describe the paper pattern of Russian (optional). It would be very kind of you and very helpful for me. Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. International Relations, as a subject, has not much information either in stores or in books. and it is hard to find books related to International Studies. However, I found a book that may also help you as well whether you are doing B.A or Masters in International Relations. The book is called “A study of International Relations” by the Author “Dr.Sultan Khan”. This book is for students of B.A and higher. It may give you all the information you need for this subject. But remember one thing that international relations is mostly about the world war 1 and 2, their consequences and how it formed organisations such as league of nations and united nations. So you should be studying little bit of history and current affairs. If you are good at understanding current affairs and how world has developed since world war 1 then it will be very beneficial. Plus please try to get past papers for it because that will help you heaps in providing what you should be learning and focusing on. I hope my answer helped.
      Best Wishes

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