Driving Learning Schools/Centers in Lalamusa

Lalamusa is one of the urban gatherings that is organized in the zone of Lalamusa. It comes in the region of Punjab. Lalamusa is planned close to the stream Chenab. It is perfect around 120 kilometers far from Lahore. It really continues the north side of Lahore. Lalamusa however is a champion among the most settled urban zones and it was made by Raja Bacchan Pal in 460 BC. This thing is being refered to by one of the english classicist and his name is General Cunningham. It has one of the lofty vocalist Arif Lohar from this place. It has some praised parks known as Hassan Park, Barkat Park and Qasim Park. One of the other enabling thing is that Lalamusa has two streams skimming one is Chenab and the other one is Jehlum. This thing additionally gives an edge to this city and make it best for change. Before long with time this city has enhanced a great course of action and has acknowledged making electrical fans which are passed on wherever all through the globe. It has an apex summer and the cool winds underneath in night. Though people can learn driving her as well. Some of the schools for driving are:

  1. One driving school
    Address: Gujrat, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 53 3568143
  2. Dina driving school
    Address: Kharian Road, Lalamusa, Pakistan
    Contact: 0331-5221420
  3. Cars driving school
    Address: Lalamusa, Pakistan.
    Contact: +92 347 524420
  4. How do I drive learning school
    Address: Near gujrat road.
    Contact: 053-5761339
  5. Fast Driving school
    Address: Near Meezan Bank, Lalamusa, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 334 7809981
  6. Driving school for people
    Address: Near HBL, G.T road, Lalamusa.
    Contact: 0347-5221339
  7. Formal Driving school
    Address: Gujrat Road, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 334 5110345
  8. Pak drive a car school:
    Address: Near sial road.
    Contact: 0347-5221339
  9. Amjad Driving school
    Address: Kharian Rd, Lalamusa, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 331 7827110

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