Want to Watch a Movie? Here are Some of the Best Cinemas of Lahore

With the revival of Pakistani cinema that has taken place very recently good films are now being made every year. The general audience has shown keen interest in watching Pakistani movies and hence many new cinema houses have opened up all around the country. Let’s take a look at the best cinemas of Lahore.

  1. Cinestar Township

    Cine Star is an entertainment cinema located in Lahore at Civic Center Township. Formally it was Anmol Cinema; it was redesigned and renovated in to a Hi-tech Cinema, now known as Cinestar. Cinestar cinema is the only Cinema in Pakistan with exclusive rights for IMAX Theaters across Pakistan. The State of Art facilities include A Gallery Exclusive for Families only with a separate Cafeteria. The Largest and the Best Screen with Dolby Digital surround sound supported by JBL speakers Luxury seating by Quinette Gallay (French Company) which has been equipping the most prestigious places all over the world.

  2. Super Cinema

    Super cinema is another great family experience. Compact sizes of 110 seats, 80% are perfectly angled allowing a greater cinema experience. Supported by QSC sound system & optimum acoustic design the surround sound creates a great impact during the action scenes. To support the D-projector 3D technology from Mirror X 3D of US has been installed which is cutting edge 3D polarizer. Mirror X 3D technology is capable of 100% digitization of the image thus giving superior image & minimize Ghosting by filtration, resulting the image on screen to be far clearer and sharper. The Mirror X 3D technology is till new to the Dubai cinema world and even in India, cinemas are being upgraded with the same technology to get far better 3D image and experience.

  3. Imperial Cinema

    Imperial cinema is located on the famous mm Alam road and hence has been a frequently visited place due to the prime location. The cinema has three different screens and hence has a lot of variety to the kind of movie one wants to watch. The crowd is good and the ticket price is very affordable. The screen sizes are comparatively small compared to some other cinemas and the halls are a little small as well but nonetheless Imperial cinema promises to be a good family outing.

  1. Sozo Cinema

    The Cinema is located in the center of Lahore at fortress stadium. Sozo World cinema is ranked among the top cinemas of Lahore in terms of footfall. Annual footfall of the cinema is over 200,000. Sozo World is one of the best cinemas in Lahore having the biggest silver screen (22×48 feet) in the city. Sozo World is equipped with Digital Sound System, JBL speakers and Crown Big Silver Screen.

    The cinema has recently imported VIP luxury seats which have been installed for the better comfort. The leg space has been increased significantly to provide a more relaxed environment for the customers.

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