Top Bridal Beauty Salons in Lahore

From food streets and restaurants to fashion boutiques and malls, from salons to impeccable marriage photography, Lahore has a tad bit of everything. In Pakistan amid wedding season marriage salons is the most frequently visited by ladies. Finding the best salon for your wedding can be dubious and challenging task. Here are 5 best salons known for excellent makeup and hair styling services, especially bridal.

Ather Shehzad Bridal and Beauty Salon and Studio

On the off chance that you live in Lahore and are going to get hitched or know some person who is, this name may have come up a few times in wedding related discussions. Ather Shehzad is a standout among the most prestigious make up artists in the film and fashion industry. From Karachi to Dubai, he has earned a name for flawless make up and unwavering attention.  Besides the wedding services he provides, his salon likewise offers hair styling and party wear make up and he is a renowned wedding photographer as well.

Maryam’s Bridal Salon

Maryam Khwaja is a great addition to the wedding salons in Pakistan. Her salon employs extremely capable people. As a customer you have a choice to be attended to by her or one of her understudy. Alongside Maryam Khawaja’s cosmetics you can ask for wedding shoot by Irfan Ahson. His photography and Maryam Khawaja’s make up a dream pair.

Madeeha’s Bridal Salon Lahore

Madeeha’s is one of most seasoned names in the makeup industry in Lahore. She has a colossal number of fans. Her salon offers facial, body needs, hair styling, party and wedding makeup. If you are searching for a salon with a great experience in the field and a long list of loyal clients, then this is it.

Depilex (Bridal Salon in Lahore)

DEPILEX was created by Massarat Misbah in mid 1980. It is one of most established and reputed salons of Lahore. Depilex offers party make up, wedding and expert model photo shoots. Mrs. Massarat additionally gives training to people who eventually go on to setting up their own effective parlors.

Toni and Guy Bridal Salon Lahore

Toni and Guy has become a global name since its inception in Lahore because they developed and grew it consistently. Toni and Guy have a prominent, recognizable name in hair styling and cosmetics in Pakistan. Despite that, Tony & Guy has yet to establish its name in the wedding salons category, and it shows every potential to be able to.

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