Things To Do When It Rains In Lahore

When it rains, one wants to go somewhere and enjoy the weather. Being the greatest food lovers, Lahoris can only think of what to eat or where to eat? Following are the restaurants and places you can go for recreation when weather is on point!

  • Drive Towards Bahria Town

Road to Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town has become one of the most popular places to visit on weekends for Lahoris. Along with the greenery filled drive, you also get to see a replica of Eiffel Tower. So what if you haven’t been to Paris yet! You can live your dream by visiting the replica. Use the Defence Road (also called Ali Akbar Road), Alternate Route to Raiwind Road or even the Canal Bank Road. Other than that, if you want to eat a tasty meal, Bahria Town has many great restaurants. Timmy’s, Bakers Vile, Lighthouse Cafe, Jamin Java and Gloria Jeans are to name a few. Go get ready for some drive in this rainy weather of Lahore.

  • MOCCA Cafe Gulberg Galleria 

MOCCA Cafe Gulberg Galleria 

Sit on the window side and enjoy the view of fancy main boulevard of Lahore while having a cup of coffee at Mocca Cafe Gulberg Galleria. Your wife can shop all she wants in the mall while you enjoy a moment of freedom in this beautiful weather or it can be vise versa!

  • Arcadian Cafe Gulberg 

Arcadian Cafe Gulberg  Molten Lava Cake

Back of the City Towers on main boulevard lies the best of the restaurants if you are looking for lunching munching in this rainy weather. Take a seat on the window side and order some polo chicken or Thai fiery hot. Afterwards order a molten lava cake for dessert. That hot molten chocolate with mouth watering vanilla ice cream will keep you happy for ages. Try it! even i can feel the taste while writing about it. Yes, that’s how amazing it is.

  • Maisonette Lahore

Maisonette Lahore

Rain or no rain, Maisonette’s roof top is one of the best places to hangout if you want a beautiful view. The ambiance is good and the food is scrumptious. Rain is just another excuse to try one of the bests of Lahore.

  • Coffee Tea & Company (CTC)

Coffee Tea and Company Lahore Alfredo Pastas

Another place to hangout on the window side to enjoy the beautiful weather. CTC is famous for its coffee and delicious Italian pastas. How about a hot plate of Alfredo Pasta in this cool breeze? The melting cheesy Pasta will make your day one of a kind.

Do share your favorite place to go while it rains in Lahore.

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