The Rice Bowl Lahore: Food, Menu, Rates, Contact Number & Location

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I am warning you. If you taste it once, you will crave it forever.  My friend forced me to go there because I thought ‘What sort of food is served just in one bowl? All of it!’ Well, I had to experience it myself to see what the fuss was all about. It turns out, now I crave for it daily; especially the lunch time. Rice Bowl is a Chinese restaurant located in Gulberg’s Mall 1 that has been pulling foodies towards itself. Unlike other Chinese dine outs, its menu is simple and precise. Here is how they serve the food:

It’s served in a big bowl that will fill you up for the day. You can have one portion of rice/noodles with gravy on the top. Oh the delicious gravy! …sorry I got carried away. You can also get half n half bowl of rice, noodles and gravy of your choice. They have a variety in gravies. Name the meat, and they have it; beef, fish, chicken. Their top three gravies are: chicken cashew nuts, kung pao chicken and garlic chicken. If you are a spice lover, then you must try ‘red dragon fire gravy’. You will literally spit fire afterwards. True story!

The best thing about this restaurant is their economic menu. Students will love it. The environment is casual and friendly. If you are not a fan of hi-fi dine outs, then this is the place for you. Plus, the food is extra ordinary flavorful!

Ok now I have to go get myself a bowl!

The Rice Bowl Lahore Contact Number

For reservations, please call: +92-42-35790001

Location of The Rice Bowl   Lahore

The Rice Bowl restaurant is located in the Mall 1 Gulberg. Follow the below maps to get to your desired restaurant:



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