The Gender Guardian: Pakistan’s First Transgender School Opened in Lahore

The chaos continue at all levels in Pakistan but lets take a minute to breathe the hope in. A minute to appreciate the launch of first transgender school by ‘Exploring future foundation’ (EFF) in Lahore (main DHA). The launch took place after a play on awareness on misconception about HIV in transgender. The misconception that this disease is only contagious through sexual contact. Well, no! HIV is transmitted through used syringes and infected blades as well

The school name is ‘The Gender Guardian’ providing diploma and education to transgenders of all age. It is the foundation’s first project and they have already enrolled 30 transgenders for diploma.

“Most of them have shown interest in sectors of the fashion industry including learning about cosmetics, fashion designing, embroidery and stitching while some have also shown interest in graphic designing and culinary skills. Having gained information from them first we designed our courses for them.” said Moizzah Tariq, the managing director of the NGO. The foundation’s aim is to groom these people skills and also spread awareness regarding the misconception of HIV.

This noble launch have suffused concrete for a long road for transgender to travel, a road to success and stability. A path that will lead them to join the men and women in society. Eventually we will be a Nation that paints a distinctive picture with it’s all color contrast.

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