Smog in Lahore Punjab Reasons & Safety Tips 2017

Don't be afraid ... follow the safety measures

According to the weather department of Pakistan, there’s  no chance of rain in coming days in the whole region of Punjab. Hence, there’s smog, a dense cloud of smoke, fog, dust & other air pollutants that can cause serious health problems like:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Cold
  • Asthma
  • Emphysema
  • Bronchitis
  • Eye irritation
  • Lung infections

Smog in Lahore

Smog like fog, reduces the line of sight & can cause road accidents. It can also enter into the houses through open doors & windows and it’s seriously harmful for children.

The increasing burn of carbon in our industries and the construction projects going on in the country coupled with reduction in green areas is the major reason of smog. This year, in 2017 , Lahore & other cities of Punjab are expected to be affected by smog again. So, following are the safety tips for smog:

How to Remain Safe From Smog

How to Stay Safe From Smog in Pakistan

  • Keep the doors & windows closed.
  • Avoid going out.
  • Stay home, inside office or within the walls as much as possible.
  • Cover your face with mask.
  • Use goggles & sunglasses.
  • Drink as much water as you can.
  • Use wet mops while cleaning your houses & offices.
  • Eat clean & hygienic food. Try to avoid eating out.
  • Don’t drink cold drinks & even cold plain water.
  • Try to avoid the construction sites & keep such places wet so that there’s as low dust as possible.
  • Get your cars & bikes checked so that there’s as low smoke as possible.
Take very good care of children and keep them safe!

Lahore Covered in Smog

Some fresh pictures taken by random people of Lahore covered in dense smog!

Smog in Lahore 2017

fog in lahore

Safe from Smog

causes of smog in pakistan

what are the reasons of smog in pakistan



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