Recent Developmental Projects in Lahore

Under the leadership of Shahbaz Sharif, the government started several mega development projects in Lahore and is vigorously working on the development projects of the city, which will serve the masses and the city in so many positive ways. Such projects will not only improve the living standards of masses but also the harmony and beauty of Lahore.

Raiwand Flyover Project

Chief Minister Shabaz Sharif laid the foundation of Raiwand Flyover Project in August,2016. He announced the project will be complete in 6 months at the cost of Rs1.046 billion. This project was demanded by the people living near Raiwand road make a flyover on railway crossing as they were facing many difficulties of traffic jammed. Now, the project is completed within the given time and is open for public transport.

Elevated Expressrway

The Punjab government is all set to kick start the Elevated Expressway connecting Zafar Ali Road/Main Boulevard, Gulberg to Ring Road/Motorway M-2.  The road will join Main Boulevard, Canal Park, Shadman, Gulshan Ravi, Moon Market and Band Road with the Motorway (M2) at Toll Plaza of Babu Sabu Interchange. Other expressway facilities would incorporate some other physical key components like nine primary ramps, security gadgets, greenbelts, and plantation and propel advance traffic signal system, and so forth.

Lahore- Karachi Motorway

The Karachi–Lahore Motorway (KLM) is a 1,152-kilometer-long (716 mi) under development six-lane, rapid, high-speed constrained access motorway that will connect Karachi and Lahore, and by extension, will connect Islamabad and Peshawar. The highway will also connect major cities including Hyderabad Faisalabad and Multan. This is a huge project under way by Punjab Government of Rs. 34 billion for 230 km Lahore-Abdul Hakeem section of Lahore-Karachi portion of the Motorway. The project is of national importance and betterment.

 Orange Train Service

Started in October, 2015, the Lahore Orange Train project is a quick transportation framework that is being construed in Lahore by Punjab Government. The Orange Line Metro won’t just change the general public transportation framework but it will likewise help in settling the traffic issues that are confronted by the people on the regular routine. The project will be a stepping stone that will alter the overall transportation system of Pakistan in the coming years. This project is still going on due to several stay orders from Lahore high court.

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