Porsche Car Maintenance/Service in Lahore

Everyone knows that the name Porsche has become synonymous with not only a certain class but also a certain lifestyle. Unknown to many, there are indeed Porsche service and maintenance companies such as the Porsche Service Lahore which provides all your high performance sports car needs. Situated at 24-D, Bahar Shah Road, Lahore 54000, for luxury car owners, this is the ultimate relief, knowing that their car is in good hands!

The Porsche service Lahore, guarantees that they will handle your most prized possession with care and since they know each car is as individual as the owner’s own fingerprint, they provide a wide array of customizable gadgets and an extensive range of both colours and materials for which you can customize and change your car’s upholstery in any way you desire. The aim is to satisfy the customer! And the focus is on the owner’s individual style and expression; whatever you can imagine, the company will aim to make it a reality.

There are special and exclusive deals that can suit each and every customer’s individual Porsche needs.  Rest assured that the highly trained staff is properly educated through their global training centers which have been imparting knowledge on Porsche dos and don’ts for the past 60 years in sports car development. They use state of the art technology such as the PCCB brake disc tester that evaluates how much wear and tear the brake discs have gone through, the diagnostics tester for properly analyses the reading and deleting error memory and high voltage test adaptor to check whether any traces of voltage is present on the high voltage vehicles.

The company also ensures that all parts they use and utilize are 100% genuine and imported, to make sure that your vehicle remains unchanged even after maintenance and repair, this a PSL promise!

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