Live Traffic Situation on Roads in Lahore (Google Live Traffic Map)

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Anonymous10650: is canall ok?
Anonymous3802: jallo se shahdra mor ki kya update ha.?
Anonymous3802: jallo se shahdra mor ki kya update ha
Anonymous10240: Mall clear hai??
Anonymous10198: I'm seeing block sign google map! Mall road open or closed???
Anonymous10198: Does mall road is open???
Anonymous10165: Shahdra
Anonymous10077: Kya chakar ha
Anonymous10073: All good?
Anonymous10042: @Anonymous9682: @Anonymous9718:
Anonymous10033: Can igo to johar town from Sahiwal
Anonymous10022: is lahore ring road open?
Anonymous10021: Is there a traffic jam on the canal?
Anonymous9938: what about lahore to gujranwala rout?
Anonymous9903: Shahdra Mor
Anonymous9883: is it open or blocked
Anonymous9883: any update regarding Data darbar
Anonymous9873: Airport road
Anonymous9873: What about airport road
Anonymous9849: what about lahore to gujranwala rout?
Anonymous9850: Chowk Yateem Khana and Thokar all clear?
Anonymous9847: Walton road safe?
Anonymous9771: @Anonymous9712:
Anonymous9682: no need to worry about
Anonymous9682: all clear
Anonymous9721: what about metro bus?
Anonymous9666: Johar town traffic situation?
Anonymous9666: Johar
Anonymous9682: sab rastey open hain ... and the recent update is ... no ihtaj has been registered yet
Anonymous9682: canal road is open --- Punjab university ke rastey sab clear hain

Lahore is the center of Punjab province & one of the busiest cities of Pakistan. With a population of more than 120 million & an increase rate of more than 6% every year, the traffic on the roads is also increasing at the same rate. Traffic jams & road blocks have become a usual thing.

The Google Maps traffic update lets you figure out the best route you should take when in Lahore. The Red lines on roads show the traffic load & the green lines show that you can take that route.

We hope this helps the people stuck in traffic in Lahore.

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