Live Traffic Situation on Roads in Lahore (Google Live Traffic Map)

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Anonymous50637: civil court situation plase
Anonymous50637: @Anonymous47321: @Anonymous44879:
Anonymous50364: Raiwind road to multan road traffic saturation?
Anonymous50305: anyone have news near bhat pura
Anonymous49970: Anyone tell about traffic jam on thokar niaz baigh
Anonymous49816: @Anonymous44086: chungi amer sidhu
Anonymous49355: Mughalpura
Anonymous48992: it's not live chat?
Anonymous48771: Hahahah what about RIZVI MOLVI
Anonymous48519: sir i want to move from M.A.O College to Gulberg. Is lytton road and jail road open?
Anonymous48488: Scretrait road open or block
Anonymous48433: @Anonymous44406:
Anonymous48350: What. Abt bhataa Chowk
Anonymous48034: Guys what is the traffic situation near thokar and raiwind lahore ?
Anonymous47811: Ferozepur road open?
Anonymous47770: Sir shahdra road open hy
Anonymous47612: what abot today
Anonymous47612: @Anonymous47321: mall was yesterday
Anonymous47321: Mall road open or not
Anonymous47281: @Anonymous44690:
Anonymous47281: @Anonymous44406: @Anonymous44406:
Anonymous47037: @Anonymous44879:
Anonymous44879: is bhaatii closed?
Anonymous44790: Is Shahkam chowk opened or not?
Anonymous44690: @Anonymous44046: lahore to gujranwala road open or not?
Anonymous44406: is thokar naiz baig open or not
Anonymous44357: lahore to shahdara?
Anonymous44357: what about exit from lahore towards shahdara?

Lahore is the center of Punjab province & one of the busiest cities of Pakistan. With a population of more than 120 million & an increase rate of more than 6% every year, the traffic on the roads is also increasing at the same rate. Traffic jams & road blocks have become a usual thing.

The Google Maps traffic update lets you figure out the best route you should take when in Lahore. The Red lines on roads show the traffic load & the green lines show that you can take that route.

We hope this helps the people stuck in traffic in Lahore.


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