Lahoris Super Kabaddi League Is On Its Way This May!


Evolved in Tamil region, rippled in all over subcontinent becoming the norm of our culture, kabaddi is the game of brute strength manifestation, colorful expression of traditions and a trademark of Indo-Pak. From the last few years this game was put down specially in Pakistan, wrestlers were not supported or granted with any aids. The “pahalwan” culture was vanishing slowly. But all the Gabroos ! Lo and behold as Kabaddi is returning to Pakistan with all its majesty.


Lahore, the heart of Pakistan is hosting the “Super Kabaddi League” this May and it is lit. It will be a domestic series in which pahalwans from the cities of Lahore, Gujrat,Multan, Karachi,Islamabad, Gawadar and Peshawar will participate. According to the announcements The draft for the inaugural edition of SKL will take place in Lahore on 23rd of April and competition will be played from 2nd of May to 10th of May while the opening ceremony of the league will be held on May 1st in Lahore (Source: Geo Tv).

Lahoris Super Kabaddi League Is On Its Way This May

The best part in this league is that the international players are also expected to show their talents. A consent from Kenya, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran, Malaysia and Japan is already been received. The officials are hoping for more.

This glorified event including the brethren of the world is definitely a sign that the dove of peace is finally making a nest in Pakistan again. We wish all the best lucks for the officials for this event and hope that u win the hearts just as you did in PSL. So get ready for a season of sardai with humorous Punjabi commentary. Long Live sports ! “Chak de phatte ! ”

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