Lahore to Karachi Train Timings, Fares, Duration & Contact

Traveling from Lahore to Karachi has become easier with 9 trains that depart from Lahore Junction to Karachi Cantt train station. The fastest train is Green Line that takes around 16 hours to reach Karachi & the slowest & cheapest is Awam Express that takes around 24 hours. Following are the timings, fares & duration of these journeys:

List of Train Fares From Lahore to Karachi

Train Name Departure Time Fares (Economy) Fares (AC Lower) Fares (AC Sleeper) Fares (AC Business) Travel Duration
Green Line 08:35 PM N/a N/a N/a Rs. 5,730 16 hours
Khyber Mail 07:50 AM Rs. 1,260 Rs. 3,000 Rs. 5,290 Rs. 3,890 22 hours
Awam Express 06:55 PM Rs. 1,260 Rs. 3,000 N/a N/a 24 hours
Allama Iqbal Express 12:00 PM Rs. 1,260 N/a N/a N/a 20 hours
Karachi Express 05:00 PM Rs. 1,650 Rs. 3,260 Rs. 5,820 Rs. 4,660 18 hours
Shalimar Express 06:00 AM Rs. 1,530 Rs. 3,020 N/a Rs. 3,470 19 hours
Karakoram Express 04:00 PM Rs. 1,840 N/a N/a Rs. 5,200 18 hours
Tezgam 01:50 PM Rs. 1,290 Rs. 3,130 Rs. 5,290 Rs. 4,070 20 hours
Pak Business Express 03:30 PM Rs. 1,650 Rs. 3,260 Rs. 3,260 Rs. 4,660 17 hours

Tickets for these trains can be booked by dialing the Pakistan Railway helpline at: 117

or visit the e-ticketing link:



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