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Lahore is Pakistan’s second largest city, it’s relatively safer than Pakistan’s largest city Karachi but with a population of more than 11 million people, all types of criminal activity happen here and people of Lahore just keep on losing their valuable lives or property on daily basis.

Lahore Crime Report

This report was compiled in the last days of 2017 and present an accurate picture of crimes that happened in Lahore during the whole of last year:

Top Lahore Areas Crime Wise

Total Reported Crimes: 11,225

Position Division Total Crimes
1st Saddar Division 2,496
2nd Cantonment Division 2,303
3rd City Division 2,129
4th Model Town Division 1,794
5th Iqbal Town Division 1,347
6th Civil Lines Division 1,156

Top Lahore Crime Statistics – Category Wise

Here is a list of top categories of crime against property that happened in Lahore last year:

Position Category Total Crimes
1st Bike Lifting 4,857
2nd Burglary 2,826
3rd Robbery 2,272
4th Car Theft 549
5th Other Vehicle Theft 351
6th Motorcycle Snatching 315
7th Dacoity 34
8th Car Snatching 12
9th Other Vehicle Snatching 9

Lahore Crime Rate Area and Category Wise

While Punjab Government introduced several initiatives last year in order to improve law & order situation in the city, especially, they brought in Dolphin Force all inspired by the Istanbul police force to combat street crime in the metropolis but the crime still remains abundant. Dolphin Force is supposedly most effective in capturing people that snatch and steal bikes, however, their effectiveness statistics are still to be seen as the numbers below are posting another kind of picture.

Here is the list of top crimes area-wise that happened in Lahore last year:

Division Bike Lifting Burglary Robbery Car Lifting Other Vehicle Theft Motorcycle Snatching Dacoity
Saddar 1,016 786  413  131  56  81  4
Cantonment 959 720  406  92  56  54 12
City 1,037 357 442  101 94  89  6
Model Town 779 477  315  97  58  56  7
Iqbal Town 588 251  383  64  40  17  4
Civil Lines 478 235  313  64  47  18  1

Terror Attacks in Lahore

In 2017, there were 5 reported terrorist attacks in Lahore in which 58 people died while 250 people were reported as injured.

Lahore Crime News Today

Here are some of the latest Lahore crime news as reported by the Lahore Police Operations Center:

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