Islamabad Express Fares, Timing & Booking From Lahore

Islamabad Express departs Lahore Junction at 6:00 PM for Rawalpindi. The train stops for a brief moment over 1 stations on the way to its destination. Following is the schedule & ticket prices of Islamabad Express from Lahore Junction to the respective destination cities.

List of Islamabad Express Train Fares & Timing (towards Rawalpindi)

Train Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Fares (Economy) Fares (AC Sleeper) Fares (AC Lower) Fares (AC Business)
Lahore Junction 6:00 PM N/a N/a N/a N/a
Chaklala 10:11 PM 10:13 PM Rs. 390 N/a Rs. 720 Rs. 840
Rawalpindi 10:20 PM Rs. 390 N/a Rs. 720 Rs. 840

Tickets for these train(s) can be booked by dialing the Pakistan Railway helpline at: 117


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