Coneheads Lahore: Food, Menu, Rates, Contact & Location

Cone Heads has a branch in Gulberg near Husain Chowk and another of its branch is in Emporium Mall, Johar Town. It is famous for it special fries. If you are a fan of French fries then this is the place for you. They make fresh, thick, delicious home fries and serve in a cone. They top it with a delicious sauce of your choice. Their best sauces are garlic Mayo, cheese sauce and beef gravy sauce. One small cone of fries with gravy will be enough for you.

They also have burgers and sandwiches in the menu. But they are not much of an item. You can get better burgers at Howdy or Hardee’s. Their serving size is good and prices are also reasonable.

Cone Heads Contact Number

You can contact at: +92-310-4460000

Location of Cone Heads Lahore

Cone Heads has two stores in Lahore. Follow the below maps to get to your nearest spot!

Coneheads Gulberg

Coneheads  Johar Town


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