Best Pizza Place in Bahria Town Lahore

I have tasted a pizza so good and perfect after so long and it will be so unjust if i don’t share this with the whole world. Molten stringy cheese and sweet and spicy sauce are the things one looks for in a pizza. Yes! those strings of cheese when you pull it up and that perfect blend of sweet and spice; you are lucky enough if you live in or near Bahria Town Lahore. If you are a thin crust lover, then you must try Bakers’ Vile Pizza. Their brick oven pizza is the best in town.

As good as it is in taste, the prices are also economical. Their large pizza costs Rs. 875 only. The bakery has other items to offer as well. such as, pastries, patties, and freshly baked breads. If you have a sweet tooth, try their cheese pastry and chocolate chip cookies. All items are freshly baked in their baking station in the basement. Ask them for a live baking tour and you will see the freshness yourself. A perfect pizza at this cost; you wouldn’t want to die without trying it out. Better write it down in your bucket list. Yes! its that good!

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