Best Cricket Academies in Lahore

Cricket is more than just a sport for Pakistanis. It is a matter of life and death sometimes when it comes to matches involving Pakistan and India. Due to the amount of sheer addiction and love for the game every second child wants to be a cricket player. The role of cricket academies is very strong in this scenario. We will be discussing some of the best cricket academies in in the heart of Pakistan, Lahore.

1. National Cricket Academy
In the last three years PCB geared up towards enhancing the levels of excellence – in all spheres especially towards the development of infrastructure and establishment of NCA. The New Domestic Structure too is another step in that direction.
Under the auspices of the Pakistan Cricket Board, PCB Cricket Coaching Academies are premiere facilities, which welcome gifted player from the regional, national as well as international cricket arenas, aimed directly at cricketers interested in furthering their professional acumen and learning from the best in the world.

2. Aleem Dar Cricket Academy
leem Sarwar Dar is currently the best known cricket umpire in the world.
Aleem Dar Cricket Academy is made for young cricket players to play on a national level.Special facilities are provided to young hearing impaired cricketers in ADCA.The purpose of ADCA is to train these young players by our professional coaches , which can boost up their skills and would provide them a chance to play on a national level

3. Lahore Cricket Academy
The Lahore cricket Academy is a prestigious center of cricket excellence where players have been polished and trained over the years. Lahore Cricket Academy over the years has been working to provide extraordinary services to young cricketers from all over the world. The one major reason of our success is our panel of coaches, consultants and lecturers. All their coaches are the same who work closely with Pakistan national men and women team. The academy has produced players Like Imran Nazir, the Akmal brothers, Abdul Razzaq, Wahab Riaz and many more.

4. Model Town Cricket Academy
The model town cricket academy has remained an integral part of the cricket played in the community with many youngsters coming from around the neighborhoods to take part in this academy’s classes and daily routine. It’s great for cricket to be developed and maintained at the grass root levels



  1. Can i join the cricket academy if i am a non muslim ?…and what is the procedure to get addmission in cricket academy ?

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